Right of reply  to indelicate publishers
    talking back 
    to  Bourin      
José Ferreira W.
• Although publishers have no obligation to publish or even read whatever you send them, some have become masters in the art of arguing their refusal of your manuscript "in spite of its undeniable quality", without having read it. The smoking gun is revealed in the standard refusal letter they offload onto you by the overuse of those all-purpose-formulas that never name your text or allude to any of the themes you broach in it. This strategy, designed to both get away with it and not hurt your feelings, unwillingly blows the whistle when it reads totally irrelevant to your text, betraying those 2 shameful sins they were trying to hide by all means : 1) they haven't read a bit of the text they have just turned down, 2) they're liing to you by pretending the opposite. Such talking fibs proves highly counterproductive as by doing so they not only take the risk to "miss the Beatles" but also to end up as the fool they thought they could take you for.
• And the show begins when they are cought red-handed and uselessly try to deny it…
a new variety in the epistolary genre
Talking back to publishers
JFW has decided to assert his right of reply by revealing part of his correspondence with shameless imprudent & indelicate French publishers.

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