as an art of Motion Capture
José Ferreira W. working on a photocopier                                           © José Ferreira W., 2010
• The way the photocopier captures the image (scanner running under the plate glass) is a time process that makes instantaneousness simply impossible - a key feature in JFW's artwork.

• In his Xerographic practice, JFW rejects the instantaneousness of the snapshot, which freezes motion and gives the false impression that motion is composed of a succession of still positions - an uncorrect but widely accepted conception that only leads to Zenonian motion paradoxes.

• The result is an aesthetics of fluidity, duration, deformation, evanescence and uncertainty, which is, according to the artist, closer to the real nature of moving and living things and to the perception we have of them than what the "frozen" snapshot might make us believe.
XEROGRAPHY (litterally: "dry writing"), also called COPY-ART (in French speaking countries), is an art form that uses the photocopying machine as as an artiistic medium.

José Ferreira W. has centered his xerographic work on motion capture.
• Photocopier manufacturer Canon sponsored the artist from 1993 to 2001 and offered him a major retrospective at its Champs-Elysées Paris showroom in 1995.