as an art of Motion Capture
• In Photography as well as in Xerography, José Ferreira W. rejects the snapshot's instan-taneousness which freezes motion and gives the false impression that motion is composed of a succession of still positions - an uncorrect but widely accepted conception that only leads to Zeno's motion paradoxes.

• The result is an aesthetics of fluidity, duration, deformation, evanescence and uncertainty, which is, according to the artist, closer to the real nature of moving and living things and to the perception we have of them than what the "frozen" snapshot might make us believe.
• José Ferreira's photographic work conveys the feeling of a overall mobility of all things and partakes of his search for a fluid and continuous expression of motion.
• JFW refers to his photographic works as Photokinetic continuums or Slices of duration, which distinguishes them clearly from Chronophotography (Marey, Muybridge, Edgerton) where motion was depicted as the broken, choped, discomposed and discontinuous phenomenon that Zeno from Elea nevertheless proved impossible. On the other hand, JFW identifies with Henri Bergson's philosophy of duration and with artists such as the Bragaglia brothers -whose Photodynamism, historically, brought artistic recognition to Photography henceforth considered as one of the arts- and French photographer André Naggar -whose work led what in English is now called painting-like photography to win acclaim.

The method employed is a time-exposure technique that combines the subject's motion with that of the camera. Directly connected with reality, these images are a mechanical recording of factual events -what Roland Barthes called : the "this was really there" effect- but in this instance, the reality aimed at and recorded is a subjective one, a trace of life in duration.

• In order to preserve their phenomenal value, these photographs have been kept free of any digital treatment.

• Some have interpreted this work as an illustration of the Principle of Impermanence, a statement the artist has never confirmed.