an art of Meaningful Motion Delusion
Kinogenic Art
KINOGENIC(1) ART: is a renewal of Kinetic Art characterized by the capacity to generate illusory motion perceptions with a narrative content. This art expression, named and conducted by José Ferreira W., has succeeded in reconciliating historical Kinetic Art with narrative and figuration.

Illusory motion
• The illusory motion effects that José Ferreira W. displays in his work always operate in total absence of real motion: his artworks never comprise any mobile component, nor screen or animated image. Therefore, perceived motion effects cannot be attributed to some hidden device and the viewer is openly lead to the only posssible conclusion: those motion effects are nothing but illusory. A situation designed to bring the viewer to marvel at the capacities of his/her own brain, the actual final creator of the illusion.

Narrative Kinetic Art
• Kinogenic(1) art appears as an extension of Kinetic Art that has broken free from the dogma of geometric abstraction. As a promoter of narrative in art, JFW rejects the gratuitousness of what he calls "effect for the sake of effect" and designs motion illusions that always fulfill a narrative function.

• Nevertheless JFW's Kinogenia(1) keeps in with 2 main features of historical Kinetism : playfulness and accessibility to the widest audience. See his Artist Statement page for futher information.

• JFW is the first artist to exploit these motion illusions on figurative & even photorealistic images.

Bridging Art & Science
• In his art as well as in his PhD thesis, JFW intends to bridge the gap between Art & Science. He studies the physiology of vision and reappropriates –as the essence of his artwork– kinogenic
(1) illusions that were originally designed in a scientific ambit for the exloration of the functionning of visual perception. This approach appears as a direct legacy from Optical and Kinetic Arts, the parents of Kinogenic Art.

(1) Kinogenia and kinogenic are neologisms created by JFW that basicly mean : "motion generator" (see useful notions page for further explanations).

NOTA BENE : perception of kinogenic effects (illusory motion) is guaranteed only in front of original artworks, it doesn't occur with the same efficiency on reduced images displayed on the computer screen.