The Desert

informal philosophy

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The flowers
of language


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 The Messenger
  of a revenant


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La dynamique 
    du couple    

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José Ferreira W.
Dalicito, a trip with Salvador Dalí   Dalicito ou un voyage avec S. Dalí
- comedy in 9 steps for 18 characters  (73 folioss)

An initiatic "train-movie" where a young guy meets Dalí during a train journey through France and gets unwillingly cought up in the Dalinian swirl when everybody declares him a perfect young Dalí lookalike. A total immersion in Dalí's delirious circus at hits best, featuring Dalí & his historical partners.
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The Secret After-Life of Salvador Dalí, a Post-Mortem Interview
L'après-vie secrète de Salvador Dalí, une interview post-mortem
comedy in 1 scene for 4 characters & a projection   (28 folios)

A live conversation with Salvador Dalí's deceased spirit facilitated by a medium. A delightful dialogue appreciated by Dalí specialists and non specialists. First public reading in 2007 at the colloquium "Dalí on the trails of Eros", château de Cerisy, Normandy, France.
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The Desert Dialogues (conversations between the aviator & the Little Prince)      Le petit prince & l'aviateur, dialogues inédits
- collection of informal philosophy essays    (148 folios, for the moment, permanently growing)

The aviator never told the whole story about his accident in the desert and his encounter with the Little Prince. Through the exploration of a great variery of subjects, these dialogues suggest to us the premise for a method of accession to Knowledge.
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Democracy & Adulthood     Playdoyer pour une Démocratie adulte
- essay ;   fields :  psychology, political science     (320 folios)

A mind opening opus thats shows how Representative Democracy foments the refusal to grow up and keeps us all infantile, and what we can do to become adults, take charge and make it a mature & responsible regime. Examples, analysis, ideas.

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The Messenger, Confessions of a revenant Confessions d'un revenant
- screenplay / novel  (100 folios)

 Khalil B. is a collateral victim of a bombing in Beyrut. In coma he meets with the angel who shows him the Primordial Ocean, some jihadists who show him their atrocious doings and an angry prophet who assigns him with a special mission. Now someone has returned from "the other side" and tells us what it is.
> work in progress  (in French)
Mobilis in immobili, Illusory Motion Perception in Static Artwork
PhD thesis   (582 folios, 477 illustrations)

• Both a theoritical and artistic research where JFW explores and documents how Art can expand visual perception. Work was granted with the highest honors by Paris' Sorbonne University jury which included eminent French Neurophysiologist Alain Berthoz.
French Journalists' Language Debunked  Dictionnaire des infos reçues
- satirical lexicon of french press jargon    (104 folios)

• The 1st dictionnary ever to collect & debunk terms & expressions of French journalism's jargon. Beyond the satire, a reflexion on the danger of misuse of language by journalists. A reference work both for beginner journalists & the public. 557 lexical entries plus 500 lazy plays on words found in the French media (a discrete hommage to French author Gustave Flaubert's Dictionnaire des Idées Reçues)
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The Flowers of Language, Venezuelan Popular Idioms
La Fleur du Langage, Proverbes et expressions du Venezuela

- bilingual lexicon (French/Spanish)    (25 folios,  >work in progress)
- in collaboration with Venezuelan artist and poet
César Andrade

Venezuelan people are eager for idioms involving all sorts of local animals, umprobable metaphors and incongruous situations. Someone completely lost would be described as : "Más perdído que Adán en el día de la madre" ("more lost as Adam on Mother's Day").
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Conversations on Unfaithfulness Following the Chatterley Case
Conversations sur l'infidélité suite à l'affaire Chatterley
- comedy in 3 scenes & 3 interludes for 31 characters & 11 actors (30 folios)

The Lords in the smoking-room, the Ladies in the garden and the household servants in the kitchen, all commenting the Chatterley case.
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The Couple Dynamics
La dynamique du couple
comedy in 9 scenes for 5 characters   (36 folios)

When the couple wears out and sharpens back.

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Sophia Blues
novel  (220 folios)

Young suns in formation prepare for the final exam in outer space among scents of rosemary.
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 (in French)
Gender Equality   L'égalité des sexes  
screenplay /short story / philosophical fable  (46 folios)

• What if men could also give birth ?  A fiction that points out the gender unbalanced mindset of our civilisation and its impact in the physical, psychological, sociological and religious fields which would have to be set anew if Mother Nature brought genders to biological equality.
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Eulogy for Slowness   Eloge de la lenteur
- poems collection  (18 folios)

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All these works are completed and currently seeking a publisher, regardless of language or country.

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Ode to I…    Ode à I…
- poems collection  (17 folios)

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