José Ferreira W.
on art
Eiffel Tower interview
An exclusive, intensive and extended interview in which JFW exposes the reasons of his deep affection to Mr Eiffel's tower.

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The Generosity of Art
Great artworks are always self-sufficient, generous and accessible to the public. A subtle stand against hermetism and arrogance in art.

• A reflection on generosity in the arts in an exclusive text adapted from JFW's PhD thesis.

The reasons why Rodin's "Walking man" will keep pulling our leg
A postural and kino-perceptive analysis of Rodin's sculpture The Walking Man raises a hitherto unnoticed neuro-perceptual enigma. JFW confronts Rodin's intentions and achievements to neurophysiology and experimental psycholy.
• This is the transcription of the lecture JFW has given at the 2007 annual symposium of French Posturologists Association (APE), published in the symposium Proceedings in 2008.

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Dalí, a Landscape as plane as the nose on your face
• Published in 2007 in Le Regardeur, #2, City of Nîmes (Fr) Museum of Art magazine

Dalí was essentially a landscape painter. In 1958 he paints this peaceful "Landscape at Moonlight", which is not so peaceful in reality since the image is a clever and subtle transformation of a photograph of the world's biggest criminal…

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All about my Tripods
JFW's trinitary exponation for his tripod Eiffel Towers sculptures.

Artist statement: to marvel or nothing
In this special-for-the-web text, JFW discusses the main notions that drive his action and his research as a visual artist : 
narrative, motion, kinetism, delusion and the extension of perception.

Useful notions on Kinogenic art
All necessary notions to understand what Kinogenic Art is about.