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José Ferreira W. is an author of many centres of interest.
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Salvador Dalí, PAYSAGE AU CLAIR DE LUNE AVEC ACCOMPAGNEMENT (SERENADE DE TOSELLI), 1958, huile sur toile, collection particulière;
The Dalí-Lacan Encounter, What the Psychoanalyst Owes to the Painter
Dali-Lacan la rencontre, ce que le psychanalyste doit au peintre
- 2003, L'Harmattan, Paris, 95p.
- genre : essay ;    field :  art history ;    language : French

• A historian's work that shows how the hermetic French psychoanalyst Lacan, pride of a handful of French intellectuals, is indebted for his psychiatric theory of paranoia to the Spanish protean genius Dalí, who was oddly unpopular in France ; a tempest in a wine bottle.

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Metro, the Struggle for Space, the Influence of Interior Design on Metro Users' Behavior
Metro, le combat pour l'espace,
l'influence de l'aménagement spatial sur les relations entre les gens
- 1996, L'Harmattan, Paris, 126p
- genre : essay ;     fields :  psycho-sociology of Design ;   language : French

• A funny and nonetheless serious analysis that explains why the general bad mood in the Paris metro is not due to genetic factors but to design-induced behavior.

Erotic Haikus
- 2002, limited edition, 20p
- genre : poetry ;     languages :  French / English

The Reasons Why Rodin's "Walking Man" will always be pulling our leg
Pourquoi Rodin et son "Homme qui marche" nous font marcher
- 2008, in De la Recherche à la pratique clinique, Solal, 28p.
art analysis and neurophysiological questioning ;   language : French

• A postural and kino-perceptive analysis of Rodin's sculpture "Walking Man" raises a hitherto unnoticed neuro-perceptual enigma. (A lecture given by JFW at the French Posturologists Association 2007 annual congress.)

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Landscape as Plane as the Nose on Your Face
Un paysage dans le nez
- 2007, City of Nîmes museum of art magazine,  Le Regardeur, n°2, 13p.
- essay on art ;   language : French

• Dalí, an inexhaustible landscape painter, paints in 1958 this peaceful "Landscape at Moonlight" (click on illustration on the left), which is not so peaceful in reality since the image is a clever transformation of a photograph of a famous serial killer's nose…

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2000 Designers to Shoot Down
2000 Designers à abattre
- 1987, French Design & Architecture Magazine :  Archi-Créé
Design chronicle

• Plot : a gang of activists fails in several attempts to get rid of all the world's influent Industrial Designers gathered in Amsterdam for their annual congress, and decides to carry on the fight with a gentler but more efficient strategy : the founding of a Design school in Paris. The project will succeed and the school becomes France's
best rated and most innovative Design school : ENSCI - LES ATELIERS.