Le Paris
de Dalí

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• José Ferreira W. belongs to the highly restricted circle of Dalí scholar experts whose writings help to improve our comprehension of the spanish artist's work and persona.

Apart from rigourous indepth essays, JFW's Dalinian writings also comprise entertaining yet erudite works of fiction.

All writings and samples in French

A Trip With
Salvador Dalí

José Ferreira W.

of  Shadows


The Secret
After-life of
Salvador Dalí

Work in progress
Salvador Dalí, PAYSAGE AU CLAIR DE LUNE AVEC ACCOMPAGNEMENT (SERENADE DE TOSELLI), 1958, huile sur toile, collection particulière;
Dalí's Paris
- genre : thematic guide

•  A dalinian guide to Paris. History & geography of parisian places that were granted by Dalí'presence. A walk in Dalí's shoes, including Surrealists' cafés, high society's palaces and cultural places, as well as unexpected every day life urban sites.
photo Bob Sandberg, 1947
The Dalí-Lacan Encounter, What the Psychoanalyst Owes to the Painter
Dali-Lacan la rencontre, ce que le psychanalyste doit au peintre
- 2003, L'Harmattan, Paris, 95p.
- genre : essay ;   field : art history ;    language : French

• A historian's work that shows how the hermetic French psychoanalyst Lacan, pride of a handful of French intellectuals, is indebted for his psychiatric theory on paranoia to the -finallly not so mad- Spanish protean genius Dalí, who was oddly unpopular among French intelligentsia ; a tempest in a cup of wine.

Published books
A Landscape as Plane as the Nose on Your Face
Un paysage dans le nez
- 2007, City of Nîmes museum of art magazine, Le Regardeur, #2, 13p.
- genre : essay ;    field : art ;   language : French

Dalí, an inexhaustible landscape painter, paints in 1958 this peaceful "Landscape at Moonlight" (click on image on the left), which is not so peaceful in reality since the image is a clever transformation ofthe World's most famous serial killer…
Published articles
The Secret After-Life of Salvador Dalí, a Post-Mortem Interview
L'après-vie secrète de Salvador Dalí, interview post-mortem
- genre : theatre play  (comedy)

• A conversation with the deceased spirit of Salvador Dalí, facilitated by a medium : revelations, confirmations, fantasies, doubts. A delightful dialogue appreciated by Dalí specialists and non specialists. An implied reference to Dalí's own autobiography and published interviews.

- First public reading at the Cerisy colloquium "Dalí on the trails of Eros" in 2007, France.
Liberty the Dalí Way
Liberté, le modèle Dalí
genre : essay ;     field :  biography, psychology, philosophy

Dalí can rightfully call himself: 'the freest man of his time', as everything in his life and work testifies to this proclaimed freedom. This biographical and analytical essay reveals how exemplary Dalí was in his quest for liberty and decodes the Dalinian emancipation process : an ongoing resolute process of self-mastery that can be considered an archetype and a path that can now be followed by anyone who wishes to.

Dalicito, or a trip with Salvador Dalí
Dalicito, ou un Voyage avec Salvador Dalí
- genre : theatre play / screenplay (comedy)

• In 1975, an average French guy meets Dalí by chance during a train trip through France and gets unwillingly cought up in the Dalinian whirl when everybody declares him a perfect young Dalí lookalike.

- Dalicito is an initiatic "train-movie" where historical Dalí partners and highly embarrassing situations follow one upon another breathlessly. The Dalí circus at its best.

> excerpts  (in French)
The Liberation of Shadows
La libération des ombres
- genre : essay on art

• In 1928, Dalí claimed the right to depict shadows with any shape he liked, in disrespect of the traditional pictorial rules of shadow construction. This artistic statement would not only increase the painter's pictorial freedom of expression but also lead to his own self emancipation. This essay sheds light on Dalí's shadows among which –as we suspected– is prowling that of Freud.

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